The South London Lettering Association’s annual exhibition was yet again a wonderful display of our members’ diverse range of lettering skill and talent. The showcase, held in St Bride Foundation, Fleet St, London, was an opportunity not only for our members from the UK and beyond to showcase their work, but also for people to purchase some stunning original artwork.

Exhibition coordinator, Paula Comparini, said:

All our hard work has paid off. Thank you and well done to every one of you that has had anything to do with this year’s annual exhibition.
I keep getting congratulated on “such a good exhibition” which, of course it was, BUT, as I keep saying, the success of the exhibition does not happen on its own. There are around 70 people who start thinking about this event about a year before it happens — our members. Without them we would not have an event at all. Then we have the seven people on the committee who are working relentlessly, supporting me every step of the way, from first ideas until the doors close. More members put themselves out and offer their time to invigilate and demonstrate while the exhibition is on. Other members just come and support wherever they can. Then there is the wonderful staff at St Brides, and the Foundation, who gives us the platform on which we can promote ourselves and share our artwork with the public. This year, of course we have had the added bonus of Ivano Ziggiotti’s manuscript, a real little jewel to have among our members’ work — a true highlight for me. So you see, all of us have to be congratulated. This is one of the the many reasons that I love being a member of the South London Lettering Association, we are in it together.

If you missed this year’s event, you can get a feel for the work in this gallery, and pencil October in your calendar for next year. We are always welcoming new members, so if you’d like to keep up to date, and much more, you can join anytime.



A view of our 2016 lettering exhibition
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