What is SLLA?

The South London Lettering Association (SLLA) was established in 1998 to provide membership to anyone with an interest in fine handwriting, calligraphy and the lettering arts regardless of experience or ability. The association works hard to:

  • promote and encourage lettering in all forms
  • hold workshops on lettering and calligraphy and its tools and techniques
  • organise exhibitions of calligraphy and lettering, demonstrations at public events and visits to places of calligraphic interest
  • hold monthly lectures and social evenings on lettering-related subjects with talks and demonstrations by recognised experts
  • publish a regular newsletter with members news, information on society activities and the wider world of the lettering arts. Lettering-related articles including historical or technical aspects are welcomed.

Current SLLA committee

Our team continues to work hard to uphold the purpose of the society, connecting with members through our newsletter and social events.

  • Chairman: Vacant at the moment
  • Secretary: Susan Shocket
  • Membership Secretary: Lesley Clark
  • Treasurer: Eva Driskell
  • Social Secretary: Ann Caro
  • Exhibitions: Paula Comparini
  • Workshops: Nicola Dunn
  • Publicity: Keiko Shimoda
  • SLLA Newsletter: Gail Mitchell, Keiko Shimoda
  • Webmaster: Ivo Grantins

How the society began

The South London Lettering Association began in 1998, when founding members, Rosella Garavaglia and Chris Austin called the first meeting. Held at Clapham Common, the meeting was well attended by adult education students, members of the Roehampton Institute, and well-known professionals including Sally Bower, James Salisbury, Pat Kahn, Sue Cavendish and Anne Irwin.

The first committee

At the inaugural SLLA meeting in 1998, the first committee was elected, the society’s constitution elected and voted on, and SLLA was born beginning with Chairman: Rosella Garavaglia, Treasurer: Euan MacGregor, Secretary: Jacqui Austin. Over time, new committee members joined including Newsletter Editors: Tone Goborg and Alan Dastrub, Social Evenings Coordinators: Jacqueline Allwood, and Workshop Coordinator: David Longbottom.

From those early days nearly two decades ago, the South London Lettering Society has grown from 30 members to more than 70 members, with its focus remaining unstintingly on education and interaction through workshops, social evenings, group projects and exhibitions, as well as its continued growth.

Read more about the history of SLLA.



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