Other association activities

The Design Centre in Sunderland

8 – 9 April 2017:Peter Thornton, The Wonderful Letters of Adolf Bernd workshop

Workshop fee: £80 for both days.   

Contact Sue Cavendish for details.

Flores del Camino

  • 16–22 April 2017: Golden Flower — A marriage of geometry and light
  • 7–13 May 2017: The Rose Window
  • 21–27 May 2017: Stained Glass – A field of stars
  • 10–23 June 2017: The Rose Window — A marriage of geometry and light

Find out more about this opportunity to study at Flores del Camino, situated on the Camino to Santiago pilgrimage trail. View the brochure online (4MB, PDF).

Hampshire Calligraphers’ Exhibition

5 June to 14 June 2017:  Hampshire Calligraphers Exhibition ‘Planet Earth – A Calligraphic Celebration’ is in Portsmouth Cathedral, High Street, Old Portsmouth PO1 2HH.
For further information go to www.hampshirecalligraphers.co.uk

16 June to 2 July:  Hampshire Calligraphers Exhibition ‘Planet Earth – A Calligraphic Celebration’ moves to Romsey Abbey, Romsey, Hampshire SO51 8EN. 
Go to www.romseyabbey.org.uk for Abbey information.

4 July to 15 July:  A third venue for Hampshire Calligraphers Exhibition ‘Planet Earth – A Calligraphic Celebration’ is Basingstoke Discovery Centre, 19/20 Westminster House, Festival Place, Basingstoke RG21 7LS.  Tel: 0845 6035631 for opening times.

Villiers Park Educational Trust

Residential calligraphy courses designed to help students develop their skills, knowledge and passion for calligraphy, heraldic art and manuscript illumination.

  • 5–7 May 2017: Painting Skills for Heraldic Art & Manuscript Illumination
  • 2–4 Jun 2017: Contemporary Calligraphy, Lettering & Design – Intermediate Level
  • 3–9 Aug 2017: Calligraphy, Heraldic Art & Manuscript Illumination

Find out the full details via Villiers Park website.

Northampton Scribes

6 May 2017: Manny Ling, East Asia Approach to Calligraphy.
For further information go to http://www.northamptonscribes.co.uk or contact Joy Daniels.



8th January 2013
All About St Brides – a talk by Glyn Farrow, the Chief Executive of St Brides Foundation
How the historic building we use started, its history – including how it survived the 2nd World War, its role in print history and its future.
N.B. For this evening only, the meeting will be in the old reading room, the Passmore Edwards Room, which is up the stairs to the left just beyond the reception desk.

26th February 2013
Letters after Lindisfarne
SLLA is taking part in a very exciting project to make a contemporary book inspired by the Lindisfarne Gospel and is going to contribute 12 pages. This meeting is to look at these members’ roughs and pool ideas. The meeting is for everyone – whether they are going to write a page or not – as more minds produce more ideas and spark each other off. Do come along and lend your support – being part of a large project is always exciting and good experience.
NB There are still a couple of pages available if you would like to contribute one (with someone else if you like). Contact Sue Shocket (shocket@care4free.net) if you want to know more.

26th March 2013
Keiko Shimoda – an artist skilled in blending Western and Japanese Calligraphy
Keiko is a professional member of the group whose work can be seen at SLLA exhibitions. Her calligraphic experience is unique as she is trained in both Japanese and Western calligraphy and uses both.
The meeting will be in the old reading room, the Passmore Edwards Room

23rd April 2013
Eiichi Kono – The New Johnston typeface for the underground.
Eiichi Kono was responsible for designing the new typeface and will explain decisions made and how it was created.
The meeting will be in The Farringdon Room.

28th May 2013
Mark Cockram – Work in Progress
Mark, a designer bookbinder, gave the group a very popular talk about his project designing Doors in Liverpool and this year is coming to tell us about other aspects of his work both in the UK and overseas.
The meeting will be in the Fleet Room.

25th June 2013
A new Banner for SLLA
An interactive evening to assemble ideas for creating a new banner for the group.
The meeting will be in the Layton Room.

October during SLLA Annual Exhibition
Pictures from the Exhibition
Two or three members will talk about the pieces of work they have shown in the exhibition – and describe the progress of the work from first inspiration to final product.

26th November 2013 AGM
Edward Wates – ‘Long live the book: printed and handmade bookmaking in the digital era’
Edward is a book designer and calligrapher who has worked in academic publishing (currently head of John Wiley & Sons journals production) and now specialises in producing manuscript books. These allow him to explore the relationship between text and illustration. His work has been exhibited widely and is held in collections in the UK, Germany, Pakistan and the US. He is a member of the Letter Exchange.
The meeting will be in the Fleet Room.


10th January 2012
Apron Designing – an interactive evening for everyone.
Email Sue Shocket for details.

14th February 2012
Islamic Bookbinding – talk and demonstration by Hilary Henning, book binder
‘Islamic Books from a variety of countries and in a variety of styles – what they are, and how to make them’. Hilary is an active member of the Society of Bookbinders as a bookbinder and conservator and teaches courses on Islamic and Coptic bindings. We are lucky to have the opportunity to learn from her expertise and she will give practical demonstration as well as talk about the books.

13th March 2012
Gerry Fleuss – ‘The Legacy of Edward Johnston’ – by a founder member of the Edward Johnston Foundation.
Gerry is a well-known scribe, familiar to many SLLA members, who lives and works in the Ditchling area and will be able to talk about the current changes to the museum there as well as being an authority on Edward Johnston.
(This is a change from the advertised programme due to Nigel Roche’s retirement from St Brides because of ill – health. We wish him well)

3rd April 2012
Doors Project at Liverpool Museum, created by Mark Cockram and Roger McGough. Talk by Mark Cockram
Mark, a bookbinder who taught some of our Richmond members, has been working on a project with the poet, Roger McGough. They are using doors to create large books. By April the installation will be in place in Liverpool and Mark is coming to tell us about its inception and the process of creating it.

15th May 2012
Icons and How They Are Painted – talk by David Longbottom
David has long been fascinated with icons and has learned a great deal about them and how they are created. He will share first hand experience of the painting process and as well as opening up a new world to many of us.

12th June 2012
Anne Irwin’s Calligraphy – with photos of much of Anne’s work.
Anne’s presence at SLLA events has been much missed since her death in the summer. This is an opportunity to appreciate her skill as an expert calligrapher and qualities as a person. Many of her pieces of work will be shown on slide and anyone with samples of her work on paper, wood or stone and stories to tell about Anne are welcome to contribute.

16th October 2012
Pictures from the Exhibition
Members talk about their work in the SLLA Annual Exhibition

13th November 2012
AGM The Queen’s Jubilee Book – a talk by Annie Moring.
Annie’s class at the City Lit has produced a book that has been presented to the Queen to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee. Annie is coming to tell us about the process of making the book with examples on slide and also second copies of some of the sections. This is a real piece of calligraphic history and is a unique opportunity for our group.


11th January 2011
Tim Noad
‘Herald Painter and Scrivener’
Tim Noad is well known for his skills with illumination, colour as well as calligraphy. He is a ‘Herald Painter’ who produces the wonderful documents issued by the College of Arms to those people honoured to be granted arms. This is a rare opportunity to hear about his very specialised work at first hand and see some of his work at closely.

8th February 2011
Interactive meeting
‘Helping each other’
An opportunity to see some members’ work in progress, to share in its development and perhaps contribute ideas that might be of use to the artist.

8th March 2011
Christopher Austin
‘Confessions of a Media Scribe’
Christopher’s hands have taken on many roles on TV – often anonymously – and just occasionally he has been allowed to show himself on camera. He has many tales to tell of his work in the film studios.

12th April 2011
Sybil Ewin
‘Calligraphy in Colour’
Sybil taught at art college for many years and has brought her training and experience to her calligraphy.
Many members enjoy her use of colour in her work and she will explain the background to her ideas and choices.

10th May 2011
Sylvie Gokulsing
‘Designing a Family Tree’
Sylvie Gokulsing has long been fascinated with making family trees, both small and intimate and of impressive complexity. She has an impressive collection of samples of her work and loves to share her passion with others. Her time is particularly pressing now that she has added the responsibility of Chairman of the SSI to her calligraphy activities, and we are fortunate to be able to claim some of her time.

14th June 2011
Viva Lloyd
‘A Life in Lettering’
As many members will know, so much of Viva’s life has been in lettering, both as teacher, practitioner and supporter of others’ endeavours. Many SLLA members will know of her as a very active member of both CLAS and North Downs Calligraphers’ committees and organiser of Little Books. Hearing her own account of her calligraphic life will be an inspiration to us all.

11th October 2011
Interactive evening
‘Pictures from an Exhibition’
This event has now become an established part of SLLA’s calendar as we take the opportunity of asking a few members to talk about the work they have put in the SLLA’s annual exhibition. Looking round an exhibition always gives rise to questions such as ‘Why did the artist choose those words? How did they think of the layout? Were there any problems on the way to the finished piece? etc., and these can be answered for a few of the works on show.

8th November 2011
SLLA Annual General Meeting
Gerry Fleuss
‘The Legacy of Edward Johnston’
Every student of the subject is taught something about the importance of Edward Johnston in the development of calligraphy in this country. The EJF was created to further Johnston’s work and is centred on Ditchling, where he spent so much of his life. Gerry is a founder of the Foundation and is well qualified to tell us more about Johnston himself and the work of the Foundation to further the art of calligraphy.


9th February 2010
The SLLA Poetry Project
‘Meeting the poets’
Four London poets with particular interests in areas of the capital will read their work and seek to encourage a collaboration between their words and our calligraphic interpretations.

9th March 2010
Jacqueline Austin
Roman Scribes: Writing Materials and Working Environment
Jacqueline, an SLLA member, is completing a PhD on scribal practices at Dura-Europos (Syria). She will be sharing the results of her research into how the scribes wrote and where.

13th April 2010
Maggie Berry
‘Suminagashi printing’ – demonstration and a chance to try
Japanese ‘ink-printing’ uses Sumi ink and water to create subtle marbled-paper effects. Maggie will show you how to make impressive backgrounds for calligraphy.

11th May 2010
Veiko Kespersaks
‘Calligraphy in my life’
Veiko, an SLLA member, leads a busy life teaching in both the UK and Finland as well as running a working studio preparing anything from heraldry to Wedding Stationery to Film ‘props’. Expect a wide-ranging look at the work of a leading calligrapher

8th June 2010
Interactive evening
Poetry project follow-up
Members will e encouraged to bring along roughs and ideas inspired by the interaction with the poets from February’s meeting and to discuss how to take the project forward. With luck the poets will also attend.

12th October 2010
Interactive evening
‘Pictures from an Exhibition’ – selected members talking about their work.
Some of the work in this year’s Annual Exhibition will be discussed by the artists in an informal atmosphere at the Private View.

9th November 2010
SLLA Annual General Meeting
Ewan Clayton
‘A Calligrapher’s path: lessons in learning’
Ewan, Professor of Calligraphy at Sunderland University and Kensington Palace, needs no introduction to anyone actively engaged in calligraphy today. Ewan’s lectures are always highly enjoyable and amusing, so expect to be taken on a magic carpet ride.

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