At the 2016 annual SLLA exhibition, we showcased An Illuminated Manuscript by Italian artist, Ivano Ziggiotti.

Ivano lives in Italy in a little town called Meleda, between Verona and Vicenza. He has been producing manuscripts since 2006 using all the traditional tools and pigments that were used in medieval times. The SLLA is very grateful to Ivano for lending us his manuscript for the duration of the exhibition; it was a showstopper.

In this video you’ll see the effort, skill and talent that Ivano has for producing such beautiful work.

*This video is in Italian, but you can turn on the subtitles by hovering over the video and selecting the first icon on the right-hand side. Then change to “English” by going into the settings (second icon on the right hand side).

An Illuminated Manuscript by Ivano Ziggiotti

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