30th September, 2017

We all have lots of finished or part finished pieces of work at home that would look so much better if they were mounted. This workshop was designed to
show members how to do just that.

Joy took everyone through the processes involved, from choosing the right colour card, gauging the correct amount of space to leave around an image, then how to cut out the aperture. She did a series of demonstrations throughout the day, and between times helped members mount their own pieces. She even showed how to use up small “waste;” pieces of card by turning them into tiny frames that could be used in card making.

By the end of the day, lots of happy members produced a huge display of finished work – some of which will be on show at our exhibition. All in all, avery successful day with thanks to Joy for making it so enjoyable. Following the workshop, SLLA has now purchased a mount cutter for use by members, so we should all have the opportunity to finish our work with smart mounts in the future.

Nicola Dunn’s full report of this workshop will be included in our next edition of The Inc., a quarterly newsletter for SLLA members. If you’d like to find out more and join the SLLA, please visit our Become a Member web page.

Joy Daniels’ mount cutting workshop

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