Our social evening on 24 April, organised by Bridget West, was a talk by Katharine Meynell about Elizabeth Friedlander, after whom the Elizabeth typeface is named.   Working during the 1930’s, Elizabeth was forced to leave first Germany and later Italy due to the rise in anti-Semitism. She arrived in England in the late 1930’s and became friends with Francis Meynell, Katharine’s grandfather.  Elizabeth was probably best known for her Penguin book covers, as well as the ‘Elizabeth’ typeface but had a lot more strings to her bow and was recently the subject of an exhibition at Ditchling Arts & Crafts Museum. Sadly, it finished just after the talk so no time to visit.

A full report of this talk will appear in the next Inc, due out soon.


Katharine Meynell: “Elizabeth Friedlander, Calligrapher, Typographer, Designer”

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