We had a excellent one-day workshop with Michela Antonello on 17 Jan 2015. Many of us, including me, had never tried lino cutting and printing techniques before, but our day was very successful.

After a brief introduction, we jumped straight into practising some cut skills with V- and U- shaped tools straight, and then practised making outlines with scalpel. I found that lino is easier to control than wood or rubber.

Practice using V- and U-shaped lino cutting tools

In the afternoon, we moved onto learning:

  • how to cut the letters out and printing
  • tips for making continuous patterns
  • how to register when creating multi-colour printing (which we ran out of time to complete after a brief introduction).
Cutting and printing letters in lino
Making continuous patterns with lino cut
Test print onto rice paper with lino piece and print on to Zerkal hammered paper


I’m really happy with my results of the day. Not too bad for the first attempt!

Michela’s talk was very clear and we did a lot in a day. It was busy day, but I felt very satisfied afterwards and loved it. It was exciting to see the result of the print. I also made a tool box now with all the tools and linos, and I will definitely try some more in the future.

Lino letter cut and print workshop with Michela Antonello

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