27 November 2018
Toni Watts was the speaker for our final social evening of 2018. Perhaps surprisingly, art was
not her first career choice. She trained first as a doctor, then became a wildlife artist and then
moved into art and illumination becoming artist in residence at Lincoln Cathedral. Toni has a
great interest in using natural colours and took us through how she makes her own paints and
what she uses to produce them. She showed slides of some of the beautiful manuscripts
belonging to Lincoln Cathedral and had also brought along some of her own work. We all fell
in love with the little koala bear sitting on a beautifully illuminated letter ‘K’. What an
illuminating evening Toni gave us, a perfect way to round off the year.
Toni described her working life as medic, wildlife artist, someone who sticks gold on things
and wondered what her next career move might be. We wait with bated breath and if there
is another career move, hope Toni will come back and tell us about it.
Pam Robinson’s full account of this evening will appear in the next edition of the Inc.

Toni Watts: Art & Illumination – Medieval Techniques in Modern Application

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