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SLLA is a friendly group of amateur and professional lettering artists for all those interested in lettering.

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If you are looking to commission a piece of work, our SLLA members offer a range of specialist lettering services to suit any style. This artist gallery showcases a selection of work of our members currently accepting commissions, and provides

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A highly entertaining talk

Who would have thought a talk about Ethiopian Bookbinding would have been so fascinating! Lester Capon not only gave a highly entertaining talk on his conservation work in the Abu Garima monastery, but did a wonderful job for the Ethiopian Tourist Board too, I would really like to go there now; in particular, to Addis Ababa.

Nicola Dunn

Inspirational courses

Great Copperplate workshop with Joy Daniels, a patient and inspiring teacher!

Michela Antonello London
Belgium binding, no shadow


What is SLLA? The South London Lettering Association (SLLA) was established in 1998 to provide membership to anyone with an interest in fine handwriting, calligraphy and the lettering arts regardless of experience or ability. The association works hard to: promote



South London Letter Association regularly hosts events for its members. It’s a great opportunity to get together and share creative ideas about lettering. Social Events The Association organises monthly meetings with lectures given by acknowledged practitioners in lettering, calligraphy and



Member benefits SLLA welcomes members with an interest in any aspect of the lettering arts. Becoming a member of the SLLA provides a number of benefits for both the aspiring and experienced lettering artist. Members: may exhibit in the Annual